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Renew Day Spa is the evolution of a health care practice started in 1988. Our founder, Lyn Winegar, a chiropractor with primarily a female patient base, realized that there were many facets of personal well-being that were remaining unmet. The vast majority of her patients were intelligent, educated and cultured women who, while having a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their professional and family obligations, lacked a place where they could go, with the modicum of free time their daily regimen allowed, to "regroup" or “renew” the essence of who they truly are.  What they need, and what all our clients need, weather they are male or female, is a sanctuary where their personal needs are skillfully catered to, and the only expectation placed upon them is that they relax and allow others to care for them.

Renew Day Spa is a place of peace and healing that allows our clients to renew who they truly are. Though serving a predominant female clientele, many men have also come to appreciate that their time is well spent renewing and refreshing themselves in this tranquil place.

I, too, come from a lifetime background of wellness, encompassing chiropractic, nutrition and emotional healing.

Long ago while raising my four children in the Bay area of Florida, I had a lofty dream of owning my own wellness spa where clients could come and find sanctuary for their body and soul.  I placed that dream on the shelf and forgot all about it.  Now many years later, I am awestruck that God did not forget.  Never could I have imagined that I could realize my dream, partnering with the love of my life, Michael.  I am so filled with gratitude for Lyn and Tom Winegar being the appointed founders, caretakers and visionaries of my lofty dream all these years.

Our commitment is to honor the foundation Lyn and Tom have built, and to maintain the sanctuary found here at Renew Day Spa.


Peace from Renew Day Spa owners,

Michael and Rebecca Curtis




 Renew Day Spa Founders and New Owners




Renew Day Spa

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